Friday, March 26, 2010

Picks for March 26th, 2010

Hello everybody,

Sorry I do not have a lot of time today for explaining my picks, but it has been a busy day.

Anyways, here are my picks for todays games.

Ottawa Senators at Buffalo Sabres

Even though both teams are on a winning streak the difference maker is the fact that Buffalo's home record is substantially better than Ottawas road record.

Buffalo over Ottawa

Minnesota Wild at Detroit Red Wings

Once again it is simple here. Minnesota has a bad road record and Detroit has a great road record. Plus Detroit has been a hot team as of late and very healthy compared to Minnesota's banged up team defense.

Detroit over Minnesota

Upset of the Night!!!

Anaheim Ducks at Edmonton Oilers

This match up would make you think to pick Anaheim right away, but hold on one second. Anaheim have lost two in a row and Edmonton has won three straight. Add onto the fact that Anaheim has an abysmal record on the road. Plus being 11 points out of a playoff spot has all but sucked the life out of a once dangerous team.

Edmonton over Anaheim

Alright fans, hope you like my picks and please keep coming back for more picks from the Chicken Man himself.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Picks for March 25th, 2010

Last Nights Record: 2-3

Record for week: 13-9

Last night was officially the first night I did not have a winning record. In all fairness it wasn’t all bad with a 2-3 night, but still, by far my worst night. Tonight should be a lot better because there is more selection and pickings to choose from.

So here are my picks for tonight’s games.

Tampa Bay Lightning at Boston Bruins

A week ago, things were looking a little nervous in beantown with Atlanta quickly catching up to them in the standings, even being only one point behind at one point. But after two convincing wins against Atlanta and New York, things are looking promising looking forward towards the post-season. Tampa Bay has not been so hot. They just ended a 5 game losing streak against the Hurricanes and are looking to bounce back. The only issue is their success on the road leaves something to be desired, having a 10-20-6 record on the road.
Look for Boston to take this one, further securing their playoff hopes.

Boston over Tampa Bay

Calgary Flames at New York Islanders

The Flames are in desperation mode right now. They are four points behind the Detroit Red Wings and are need every win they can get. Plus, with the Red Wings already announcing their playoff tickets are on sale, that should be every bit the motivation to beat the Islanders, whose defense is one of the thinnest in the league. Plus on top of that, they are starting Marty Biron tonight, who has not had the best year this season (5-12-4, 3.12 GAA).

Look for Calgary to take this one, keeping the pressure up on the wings.

Calgary over New York Isles

Washington Capitals at Carolina Hurricanes

After another big battle between Washington and Pittsburgh, the Caps are making a trip to Carolina to face the Hurricanes, who are trying to avoid losing three straight. Manny Legace will be getting the start in between the pipes for Carolina who to be honest, isn’t the most reliable of goaltenders. Plus with defenseman Tim Gleason and Alexandre Picard injured, their defense is a little thin.
Look for Washington to take this one easily, possibly by two.

Washington over Carolina

Los Angeles Kings at St. Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues come into this games sadly with their playoff hopes all but finished after they lost against the Detroit Red Wings, putting them 10 points behind with 9 games remaining. The Kings on the other hand, are basically jockeying for position at this point, only being three points behind the 8th place Red Wings. The key stat for this game is that the in the season series, the road team has gotten the win every time, and with St. Louis sporting a 12-18-5 record at home, there is a little pattern to be seen here.

Look for the Kings to win this one.

Los Angeles over St. Louis

Upset of the Night!!!

Toronto Maple Leafs at Atlanta Thrashers

What an important game for the Thrashers, who currently sit three points out of a playoff spot. Having a chance to leap frog Boston into 8th place in the Eastern Conference, they instead lost 4-0, looking lost and detached from the game. Toronto on the other hand, has been great as of late, going 7-3 in their last ten games and winning 6 of 7 before Tuesday night’s loss to the Panthers. The Leafs will be starting Jonas Gustavsson tonight who has looked brilliant in his last couple games, warranting the nickname “Monster “ for the first time all season.

Look for Toronto to win a scrappy, intense game tonight.

Toronto over Atlanta

Alright fans, those are my picks for tonight's games and come back tomorrow for more predictions from the Chicken Man himself.